When it comes to decorating your baby girl’s nursery, you can, of course, 'think pink,' but there is so much nursery inspiration out there that you can easily go a little—or a lot—beyond the traditional. Whether you like boho baby rooms, subtle pops of colour, lush fabrics, or grand statement pieces, there are tons of unique and gorgeous ways to set up your daughter’s nursery. (Plus, a million new ways to do pink!) Ready to be inspired? Here, 25 fresh baby girl nursery takes.

Subtle Chic 

Modern girl nursery

Picture and purchase sign: ModWoodCo

Blush tones, natural wood…and acrylic? Who knew that this combination would be so swoon-worthy for a baby girl’s nursery?!

Jewels and Geometry 

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Petite Tresor

The jewel tones and geometric shapes make this beautiful baby girl room super unique. The heart-shaped ottomans, princess-worthy cradle, and more are from the pricey design house, Royal Stranger. But keen eyes can score similar finds.

Wildflower Wonderland

Modern girl nursery

Photo: The Crown Prints

Flower power is in full effect! This dramatic, wild, 70s-inspired baby girl room has it all: A gorgeous accent wall, the mod chair, colourful pops of furniture, bunny prints…they are all perfect additions to this charming baby oasis.

Rosy Ratan

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Blaise.of.glory

Shades of pink paired with on-trend rattan accessories and furniture give this blush nursery texture and warmth all at once. 

Bright-Eyed Baby

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Colleyvillehills

Childhood should be fun, fun, fun—and this baby’s room has the fun factor down! Bright pinks and modern art help amp the vibe. And once Baby grows to a toddler, she will absolutely adore the Montessori-style dress-up rack. Swoon!

Black Hearts Club

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Project Nursery

Too often, black and white nurseries can lean masculine, but this beaut is decidedly feminine thanks to the watercolour feel and the pops of vibrant green. Plus, the love-filled walls remind us of one of our favourite swaddle blankets: What do you think?

Upscale Old School

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Alexa.at.home

Hello modern vintage! A copper cot, wall panels, layered rugs, built-ins…plus the sweeping cot skirt makes this breathtaking nursery feel as though it is from another era. Meanwhile, the mauve hanging tent is effortlessly of-the-moment.

Mint Condition

Modern girl nursery

Photo: The DIY Mommy

Mint green is a fresh delight in any girl’s nursery! It looks even more stunning paired with rich wood tones, classic white, and this whimsical faux birch tree.

Pop of Sparkle

Modern girl nursery

Photo and purchase: Curlycubs

You do not have to go full-on glitter to put together a room that shines. Tiny details in shimmering threads or dusted with sparkle add just enough glamour to any little girl’s room.

Deco Dreams

Modern girl nursery  

Photo: Urbanology Designs

Jaw. On. Floor. The scale of those wall panels, the assorted hanging lights, the feather-filled lighting, the wallpapered ceiling…all come together in a gobsmacking art deco dream come true!  

Iron Maiden

Modern girl nursery 
Picture and purchase mirror: Crate & Kids

This pale pink ornate floral mirror is something she will love now and for a long time to come. (This is so hanging in her very first apartment one day!) The iron work plus the matte finish make this uniquely femme and feisty. 

Polished Pastels

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Collins Interiors

Lilac and yellow work together to create this beautiful and calming baby room. Warning: You might end up spending all of your time here to soak in the happy and soothing aura.

Upholstered Elegance 

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Babyboxgifts 

Baby rooms do not need to be babyish as this elegant baby girl nursery showcases. The pink upholstered cot, the statement wallpaper, the faux shag ottoman…all stunning!

Homey Touches

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Cloverhouse_vintage

Today, it is a truly special organising area, where you can stash her books, blocks, and more. Later, it will be home to lots of engaging story lines and imaginative play. Can not wait!

Fly Away Beauty

Modern girl nursery 
Photo: Sheidafashionista

Clouds and stars create a dreamlike space for a little girl. Taking it all up a notch? The floating-on-air acrylic cot…plus the custom-designed hot air balloon shelving. Love!

Blooming Bliss

Modern girl nursery

Photo and purchase: BegoniaRoseCo

This simple, string-up work of art is a fresh and fun way to incorporate florals into your baby girl’s nursery. (No wallpaper paste required!) While this stunning 3D art is shown hanging over the cot, it is best to keep it away from tiny hands.

Punked Out Pink

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Tori__gripe

Wow. If a 1980s South Beach nightlife scene could be transformed into a baby girl’s nursery, it would be this amazing space! The walls, art, the neon sign…everything is glam perfection! (PS: Babys sleep environment needs to be pillow-free.) 

Lavender Wishes

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Blue_print_store

Lovely lavender is just as perfect as pink for a little lady’s bedroom. The wicker and gold-toned accents take this purple paradise to a sophisticated level.

Moody Boho

Modern girl nursery

Photo: Meredith_dustan

Bohemian nurseries are full of life, love, and interesting little finds…giving off distinctly creative, carefree, and unconventional tone. And we are here for it!

Subtle Wow

Modern girl nursery

Picture: Lyndsey.pace

A bold and feminine accent wall will always be a gorgeous jumping off point. The subtle colour and the added texture give this little lady’s room depth and warmth.

Refined Rainbow

Modern girl nursery
Photo: Jennifermaune

Colourful, rainbow theme nurseries are so fun and sweet. And this watercolour version makes it all so serene. Lots of whimsy and wonder with this one.

Scalloped Sophistication

Modern girl nursery

Photo and purchase: Pottery Barn Kids

Flush lighting in the nursery is often way more practical than a glittering chandelier…but that does not mean it has to be boring! This pale pink scalloped fixture will stand out in almost any little girl’s nursery.

Flamingo Fabulous

Modern girl nursery
Photo: Thebrucestories

Birds of a feather flock together in this fun nursery. Layers of pink, a bit of tulle…and nary a plastic lawn ornament in sight! This nursery is flamingo fabulous!

Touch of Elegance

Modern girl nursery
Photo: a.n.y.a_k

Storage can be pretty! This golden garment rack/shelving unit is too elegant to hide away. And the best part: This elegant wonder was a DIY project. Learn how to replicate it!

Gallery Gorgeous

Modern girl nursery

Photo: 007_melody

A collection of mirrors and family photos held in both ornate and sleek frames creates a warm and nostalgic atmosphere for your little one’s nursery. PS: Take note of the daybed…it is a great addition for when mum needs a rest post-feed!


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